Jay Leno’s Tesla Model S P90D On Bring-a-Trailer

Bring-a-Trailer recently featured Jay Leno's Tesla Model S P90D, attracting significant attention from car enthusiasts.

This high-performance electric vehicle, owned by the renowned comedian and car enthusiast, was listed for auction.

The P90D variant of the Model S boasts impressive features,

including dual motors and Ludicrous mode, which allows for mind-blowing acceleration.

Leno's Model S had a distinctive red exterior and a sumptuous white interior, highlighting the vehicle's luxurious appeal.

With its celebrity ownership and cutting-edge technology, the Tesla Model S P90D garnered considerable interest among potential buyers.

the Model 3's superior electric range, Tesla's established reputation for innovation and cutting-edge technology, the Model 3's more affordable starting price, and Tesla's commitment to continuous software updates and improvements.